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  • The World’s Luxury Coffees

    Coffee with heart shapeGood old coffee. Warm, aromatic and deeply delicious, it’s one of the most widely enjoyed beverages throughout the world, and has been for as long as anyone can seem to remember. Waking up and pouring a steaming hot cup of java has become habit for so many of us, and huge numbers of people depend on this drink to snap awake in the mornings and get ready to dive into the day that lies ahead. Given its popularity, it should come as no surprise that there is an enormous variety of coffee types out there… and it turns out that not all coffee is created equal. Listed here are the world’s luxury caffeinated beverages – cups of coffee fit for a king.

    Kopi Luwak

    A decidedly curious coffee that can cost you anywhere from £20 to £60 a cup, Kopi Luwak is produced in a particularly unusual way. Farmers feed a handful of coffee cherries to the Indonesian civet cat, and then fish out these part-digested beans from their excrement to wash and then grind into a brew. The result is actually a gorgeous coffee that is becoming enormously popular among the wealthy. You can order it online yourself, although you might need to start saving now if you want a bag by next Christmas.

    Black Ivory

    If that last entry turned your stomach a little, the description of the next luxury coffee - Black Ivory - we’re sorry to say will do nothing to sway that sensation. Like Kopi Luwak, Black Ivory beans need to be chewed up, digested and passed by animal before they’re transformed into edible pieces… only this time it’s an elephant doing the work. The stomach acids of the elephant cut out the bitter taste that the coffee beans would ordinarily leave behind, producing a brew that’s smooth and delicious. Black Ivory is distributed to a small corner of the world (Thailand) for the time being, and will cost you about £30 for a single cup. If you’re ever in this region and decide to buy one, don’t spill it whatever you do.

    St Helena coffee

    True to its name, St Helena coffee is produced on the remote volcanic island that lies around 1000 miles west of Angola and Namibia. Farmers wash the beans thoroughly and allow them to soak up the sun for as long as four months before being ground down into a brew. The resultant taste leaves a bit of a kick, and a pound of beans will cost you around £80-£100.

    Getting your hands on a cup of hot java using the list of beans above might take some doing, but if you’re looking to enjoy an ordinary espresso, a great way to do so is by using the Jamaica Flag Revol Crumpled Espresso Cup available online at Henry Tibbs. These lovely little cups are made from culinary-grade porcelain, and are designed specifically to resemble the shape of a crumpled plastic tumbler. If you’ve had a little too much coffee for one day and fancy kicking back with something sweeter, it can also double as a holder for desserts, dips or sauces.

    Jamaica Flag Revol Crumpled Espresso Cup

  • The beginner’s guide to cufflinks

    Close up of man fixing his cufflinksCufflinks are criminally underrated in modern-day male grooming. The popularisation of shirts with buttoned cuffs - coupled with the tendency for workers to roll and tuck their shirt sleeves up - has seen these products dwindle in popularity over the past couple of decades, but now they’re all set to make a glorious comeback.

    Male grooming is beginning to head in exciting new directions; peering back into its illustrious past to see which trends might have previously gone overlooked by trailblazing brands. Cufflinks are certainly one aspect of smart attire that are easing their way back into the industry. If you’ve been bypassing these swanky accessories in recent years – don’t worry. It’s never too late to learn how to use them.

    Here is a brief beginner’s guide to cufflinks – what they do, what they look like, and why you should wear them.

    What cufflinks do

    Cufflinks are additional accessories that tie up the loose ends of a shirt sleeve. Users can simply slip them in through the holes in the cuffs and add a whole new sense of style to their appearance by doing so.

    Types of cufflinks

    Cufflinks have been around for a long time, and have subsequently been adapted into all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common ones you’re likely to find are as follows:

    • Swivel Bar Cufflinks: these cufflinks come complete with a toggle that the user can flip in order to lock the cufflinks into place.
    • Chainlink Cufflinks: these cufflinks consist of two (often symmetrical) designs held together by a chain. All the user needs to do is thread one head through the sleeve. These can be trimmed to fit by a tailor, or can be worn more loosely depending on the user’s preference.
    • Ball Cufflinks: these cufflinks consist of solid large balls which may vary in design. The ends are shaped to slip into the shirt sleeve hole and lock into place easily.
    • Knot Cufflinks: like chain link cufflinks, these cufflinks consist of two (often symmetrical) designs connected by a short piece of material in the middle. These can often be tweaked to fit the user’s specifics measurements.

    Why you should wear them

    As society hurtled towards a period of terrific technological innovation, making things “easier” for ourselves was always top of the list. Somewhere along the way, a lot of people decided that cufflinks were unnecessary, and opted to drop them in favour of easier-to-apply attire. After all, why use cufflinks when you can simply button a shirt sleeve up?

    But just because something’s easy doesn’t mean it’s any good. Cufflinks are not only sign of someone willing to go the extra mile to look a little more suave, they’re also a great way to add an element of class to an area of the male body that’s so often neglected – the wrists and hands. Cufflinks can pique the interest of onlookers in the same way rings and bracelets do.

    Whilst many sets of cufflinks may go unnoticed due to their subtle nature, the Simon Carter Stag Head Cufflinks, available online at Henry Tibbs have the ability to turn even the most style unfriendly eye. Packaged inside a cinnamon-coloured gift box, these Swarovski crystal cufflinks will give you a stylish appearance and may even act as a great little conversation starter when you meet new business associates.

    Simon Carter stag Head Cufflinks

  • The best times to eat a classic English fry-up

    English breakfastThe traditional British breakfast truly is a thing of beauty. Rows of sizzling sausages, piles of buttered, golden toast and soft, round beds of fried eggs. Put all these together on a plate with bacon, mushrooms, potatoes and baked beans, and you’ll make the average man in Great Britain rub his hands together in delight. UK cafes’reputations often hinge on their ability to dish up a delicious fry-up, and chalkboards all over the country are etched with messages luring hungry, tired passers-by inside with promises of fabulous morning food.

    Nonetheless, despite its overwhelming historic popularity, the classic British breakfast has developed a reputation in recent years for being incredibly bad for our bodies. Loaded with greasy fats and heavy carbohydrates, it’s tempting for a society who is increasingly moving towards healthy living to turn their nose up at a fry-up in the mornings. True, tucking into a greasy plate of bacon, eggs and beans morning, afternoon and night won’t exactly help your cholesterol levels, but you’ll be happy to hear that eating an occasional fry-up can actually be beneficial for your overall health!

    Discussed here are the best times to eat a classic English brekkie.

    When you’re trying to lose weight

    No, it’s true! Arming yourself with a knife and fork and going to town on a big fry-up in the morning can actually help you to lose weight in the long run. Why? Because it fills you up for the day.

    One of the biggest causes of weight gain is by not eating correctly in the mornings. If you don’t get the nutrients and calories your body is craving after a long night’s sleep, you’ll find yourself wanting to snack regularly throughout the day – and this will cause you to pile on the pounds. There’s no better way to fill up in the mornings than by gorging on a fry-up.

    Obviously you’ll need to cook smart (using healthy bacon, organic eggs, a substantial serving of beans, adding a little veg) in order for this tactic to work. But overall, a big breakfast will set you up for the day and stop you snacking at work, college, or wherever you may be – ultimately allowing you to shed the pounds.

    When you’re suffering from a hangover

    Everyone has their own supposed hangover cure after sinking a few too many drinks the night before. Some cook themselves an enormous fry-up. Some reach for a glass of cold Coca-Cola. Others simply curl up into a ball and pray for the pain to end. If you’re in the first camp – you’re in luck. Science suggests that a sizzling brekkie can actually be a good thing for your body after a night on the town.

    One of the main reasons you feel quite so horrific after a night out is because of all the sugars you lose. Tucking into to a big fry-up full of carbs and fats is a great way to restore these sugars and steadily allow your body to get back to normal.

    When you’re seeking a balanced diet

    And let’s face it – you should be. Aside from its ability to provide your palate with a mouthful of varied flavours, a diverse English brekkie can also pump your body with a wide range of essential elements required for regular bodily functions. Eggs are packed with protein, beans and tomatoes fly the flag for fruit and veg, and bacon rashers give you a good dose of Vitamin B12. Grab some fruit and fibre during lunch and dinner and you’ll be giving your body every kind of food group it needs to function.

    Bacon is the cornerstone of any great British breakfast. To give your rashers the most juicy, succulent flavours imaginable, you’ll need the ROSS & ROSS HOMEMADE SPICY BACON CURING KIT. Arriving complete with three different kinds of curing salts, three sealable bags and twelve pairs of plastic gloves, this is a great little accessory for helping you to build the ultimate fry up on a sleepy Sunday morning.

    Ross & Ross Homemade Spicy Bacon Curing Kit

  • Best Presidential Beards

    BeardsOur transatlantic cousins have had a lot of charismatic leaders during their illustrious existence. From honest Abe to John F Kennedy, the USA has seen a wide variety of intriguing individuals lead the most powerful country in the world. Many of these men have had distinguishing characteristics that have made them memorable. George Washington was rumoured to have never told a lie for example, whilst a certain Richard Nixon found himself on the other end of the spectrum in this regard. Yet, if we journey back to more than a century ago, we open ourselves up to a period of leaders who were memorable for something as simple as their fantastic facial hair.

    There was once a time when beards where the mark of sophistication, class and elegance in politics. Nowadays, we’re left to watch a seemingly endless stream of clean-shaven men step up to podiums and pledge their plans for the United States of America. In a political world where smooth is superior, it’s worth taking a look at the Presidents of America who took it upon themselves to fashion a full, thick beard during their ascent to the top. Here is the list of the best-ever Presidential beards.

    Abraham Lincoln

    Honest Abe’s fabulous beard was brought back to life as recently as 2012, when Hollywood character actor Daniel Day-Lewis boasted the President’s “chin-strap” style facial hair up on the big screen in glorious fashion. Entirely devoid of moustache but rich with full, thick chin hair, Abraham Lincoln’s facial hair remains some of the most iconic in political history.

    Ulysses S. Grant

    In office from 1869-1877, Ulysses S Grant treated the American citizens to eight years of full, thick facial hair. Grant managed to pull off his blooming beard with aplomb, and is considered by many to have been one of the most “ruggedly handsome” Presidents ever to be sworn in.

    Rutherford B. Hayes

    Rutherford Hayes was the 19th President of the United States, yet for all his work in his office, he’ll be remembered by the masses for his outstanding beard. He had big facial hair boots to fill when he succeeded Ulysses S. Grant, but his beard was arguably even greater than that of his predecessor.

    William Taft

    Is this cheating? Putting a President on here who had a moustache rather than a big old beard that filled his face? Perhaps a little, but to leave out William Taft’s terrific moustache would be a travesty nonetheless. If we’re giving points for lip hair; then Mr Teddy Roosevelt also deserves a mention.

    You may not ever find your portrait in the history books alongside any of these bearded American Presidents, but you can certainly keep your own facial hair in the same league by picking up a bottle of Mr Natty’s Beard Elixir online from Henry Tibbs. This solution moisturises your beard brilliantly, leaving behind a fresh, woody fragrance that you’re sure to love.

    Mr Natty’s Beard Elixir

  • The Traveller’s Checklist

    Man walking with luggageThere’s no doubt about it, travelling is pretty amazing. The world is a truly magical place, and despite the vast array of illuminating world images plastered across social media sites in the modern day, there really is no comparison to seeing the likes of the Great Wall of China and The Rome Colosseum with your own two eyes.

    The real thing that puts people off visiting other areas of the globe is the travelling itself. Spending long hours on public transport, checking in and out of hotels and hostels, living on a pittance. To some, it’s a real chore. Of course, the key to a successful travel trip is being enormously prepared before you even set foot out the door, and one of the best ways to make sure you have a terrific time is to pack the right things. Clothes, bathroom products and sunscreen are no-brainers, but listed here are few additional items that travellers really ought to pack… but rarely ever do.

    1. Notepad

    There will be a lot of travelling if you decide to go travelling. The clue is in the name. From buses to taxis, you’ll be highly dependent on both public and private transport during your time away from home. But this doesn’t have to be a dull or tiring period. You’ll see a heck of a lot on your travels, so why not use the time when you’re moving around to jot down some of your thoughts and feelings in a notepad. It’ll help pass the time, and by the end of your trip you’ll have a book full of precious memories to revisit.

    1. Bottle Opener

    Nobody ever seems to have a bottle opener, especially when you need one most. Quickly attach one of these babies to your key chain as soon as possible, and you’ll be ready to pop bottles of beer, water or juice with new-found friends that you’ve met on the road.

    1. Emergency Charger

    Ardent travellers may tell you to put down your phone and experience the beauty of the world, but let’s get real for a second – you need a mobile in the modern world in case of an emergency at the very least. Always pack an emergency charger so you can boot your mobile into life at any time you need to.

    1. Booklight

    A booklight is perfect for reading in a hostel or on an overnight train/bus when you can’t seem to drift off. It won’t disturb anyone around you, and it’ll focus your mind for several minutes, helping to concentrate your thoughts and eventually allow you to get a little shut-eye.

    One last item worth remembering for your travels is the Izola “Paddle Your Own Canoe” Collapsible Travel Cup. Made of stainless steel, this handy little beverage holder can retain over 70ml of fluid and can shrink down to just 1.5cm to allow you to slip it into any ordinary-sized pocket. Perfect for an espresso or a shot of tequila, this contraption is a terrific little addition to the items you ought to take with you whenever you hit the road.

    Izola “Paddle Your Own Canoe” Collapsible Travel Cup

  • The Psychology Behind Colour In Business wear

    ColoursFirst impressions matter. There’s no two ways about it.

    When you’re operating in the business world, creating a great first impression is vital in order to form the kind of healthy relationships that can lead to prosperity. Having a strong handshake, warm smile and hygienic appearance all play a significant role in making you seem appealing on first glance, but the colour of your attire will also dictate what people think when they first lay their eyes on you.

    There is a lot more to colour than you might think. Different shades can stimulate different psychological effects and provoke particular emotional reactions.

    Listed here are some examples of the psychology behind coloured clothing. You can use this information next time you’re all set to meet an important business contact for the first time. Think carefully about what sort of impression are you looking to make when you meet this person, and choose the colour that enhances the kind of emotional reaction you’re looking to provoke.


    The two main associated elements with the colour red in business are passion and power. Politicians have been known to don red ties during patriotic speeches – enhancing their enthusiasm and providing their statements with a cutting, decisive edge.


    Whilst bright green can be loud and unnerving, a cool green can suggest peacefulness and harmony. If you’re wearing the right shade of green tie, you’ll appear approachable, manageable and calm. Rightly or wrongly, wearing green may also suggest that you’re environmentally friendly too. This never hurts, especially in today’s world where recycling and perseverance are considered vital.


    A great colour for big-time businessmen, blue suggests confidence and trustworthiness. It’s safe and neutral, and can act as a calming influence in stressful, high-pressure interactions. Blue is also associated with authority (police uniforms) and is particularly popular with certain politicians.


    A brown suit or tie suggests reasonableness, a laid-back demeanour, and a warm heart. A man wearing the colour brown is often immediately regarded as someone who prioritises his family or friends over prosperity, but also has a sharp business mind with a willingness to be practical when necessary.


    A colour that’s often associated with luxuriousness and lavishness, a purple tie can be a great choice if you’re looking to project an image of self-confidence and prestige. A purple suit on the other hand might be going a little too far.

    If you’re seeking a trustworthy tie to add to your collection, there’s no better product than the Nick Bronson Plain Ocean Blue Knitted Silk Ties available online at Henry Tibbs. 100% silk and 110% comfortable, these knitted ties have a homely feel to them yet are suitable for all formal occasions. Plain Ocean Blue is a particularly popular colour in the business world. It’s easy on the eye, instils a sense of comfort, and goes nicely with almost any shade of suit you choose.

    Nick Bronson Plain Ocean Blue Knitted Silk Ties

  • Dangerous Creatures in The UK

    ScorpionFor the most part, the UK is pretty lucky when it comes to vicious or deadly animals. The climate isn’t typically hot enough to accommodate the kind of critters that can send you to casualty, and as a nation Britons don’t ordinarily have to worry about fearsome bugs, birds or beasts in the same way Australians and Americans do.

    That said, the United Kingdom is not entirely devoid of dangerous creatures. There are in fact a small selection of animals in the country that have the potential to cause considerable harm if handled in the wrong ways or accidentally provoked.

    Listed here are four of the deadliest creatures in the UK.

    1. Yellow-Tailed Scorpion

    The British aren’t used to dealing with scorpions as they prefer hotter climates, but the Yellow-Tailed species does appear to have found a home in the UK in recent years. Arriving from overseas, these daunting looking creatures have bred somewhat extensively on the coast of England, and have the potential to deliver a particularly nasty sting when cornered or threatened. The good news is they like to hide away in crevices and cracks, so the odds suggest you won’t encounter one any time soon if you keep your hands away from holes in buildings.

    1. Ticks

    These things might be tiny, but Ticks can actually transmit Lyme disease – a condition which spreads harmful bacteria throughout the body and can damage the nervous system and brain. Tick bites are particularly dangerous as they often go undetected at first. If you ever see these blood-sucklers latching on to you, they’ll need to be ripped off immediately. Not that you’d leave them hanging around, of course.

    1. The Australian Redback Spider

    The clue is in the name that these little insects don’t typically reside in UK. That said, they have been spotted on British soil in the past – a fact made all the more disconcerting given how just one bite from these critters can be fatal. The good news is that they’re extremely rare, and sport a truly creepy red and black appearance that’ll be enough to send you running for the hills to safety if you ever see one.

    1. Portuguese Man o’ War

    These jellyfish-like creatures have been found washed up on British coasts from time to time, and when they wrap their tentacles around you, you can find yourself in some serious trouble. These beautiful-looking but nasty sea animals can directly affect the human respiratory system when handled or stepped on – slowing down the heart rate and causing fits. The long sting they deliver is also extremely painful, and will always require immediate treatment by a physician.

    While you’re best advised to steer clear of any of these animals if you ever spot them scurrying around, that doesn’t mean they won’t look good on you as a fashion accessory. The TATEOSSIAN 'DEADLY CREATURES' RED ANT CUFFLINKS available at Henry Tibbs allow you to sport some red ants encased in resin on your shirt sleeves – suggesting you’re both a little dangerous and stylish all at once.


  • To Ice or Not to Ice: How Should You Drink Your Whisky?

    WhiskeyA brooding glass of age-old whisky is universally recognised as a real man’s drink. A good bottle will be packed with rich textures, sharp flavours, and a distinct aroma unrivalled by any other beverage. Despite the fact that whiskey is a drink that has been around for centuries, one divisive question remains: How exactly should you drink it?

    Many men have a rehearsed answer for anyone who asks them how they take their liquor (“on the rocks”, “neat”), but these answers are often inherited from fathers or friends and become habit. In fact in many cases the alternatives will not even have been tested. Exactly what each little modification (e.g. ice, water) does to whisky is not as widely known is should be, and some of the revelations below may actually surprise you.

    Whiskey Neat

    Drinking whisky “neat” is to drink it as it comes – straight from the bottle. This is widely considered to be the best way to experience the true taste of whisky, and many connoisseurs consider adding anything else as sacrilege. That said, if you’re easing your way in and sampling a dram for the first time, there’s absolutely no harm in adding something a little extra to curb the strong, aromatic flavours. A fine whisky can really knock your socks off, so drinking it with a little mixture might be the initial way in before you end up enjoying it neat.

    Whiskey on the Rocks

    A popular choice with occasional whisky drinkers is to have their tipple “on the rocks” which just means “with ice”. Aside from keeping the whiskey lovely and cold, ice can dilute the full-blown flavour of whisky – which can make it considerably easier to drink and much more enjoyable for those who can’t quite handle the strong tastes of the more prestigious blends.

    Whiskey with Water

    Funnily enough, adding water can actually add a whole new flavour, diluting the immediate kick and allowing underlying essences to emerge. You can add as much or as little water as you like – it all depends on how strong-tasting you like your whiskey and how daring you’re willing to be!

    Whiskey with Mixture

    More of a bar favourite; whisky with mixture (usually cola) is like drinking a cool glass of fizzy drink with an added kick. It’s particularly popular with whisky virgins and at parties/nights out, but many people still drink whiskey with mixture at home too.

    If you love your whisky cold but hate the way with which ice dilutes the strong flavours, you may want to take a look at the Sagaform Whiskey Stones available at Henry Tibbs. These reusable cubes cool down your glass without impairing the taste – allowing you to drink ice cold whisky and still enjoy the full kick that the bottle originally came with.

    Sagaform Whiskey Stones

  • The Finest Moustaches in the Movies

    Retro mustache illustration setThe movies have treated us to some of the most marvellous sights of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

    The glorious space opera of Star Wars; The magical bike floating through the sky in E.T; The flapping, fluttering white dress of a certain Miss Marilyn Monroe, phenomenal, breath-taking images that will continue to be beamed around the country for decades to come.

    And yet, among these spaceships, bikes and dresses, there have been images arguably even more wondrous. Images of fabulous film star ‘moustaches’.

    Hollywood has presented us with some of the most finely groomed men that the world has ever laid eyes on, showing every male around the world what a glorious moustache really looks like. There has been a staggering amount of illustrious lip- hair in the movies over the years, but listed here are the five finest examples.

    Some really ought to help you style your ‘stash for November.

    1. Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat

    It’s not recommended that you copy any of the behaviour of Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional Kazakhstan journalist ‘Borat Sagdiyev’ any time soon, but you can take a leaf out of his grooming book when it comes to styling your moustache.

    Thick, full and deadly straight, this beast of a ‘stash stands out given the rest of Borat’s facial appearance – which is completely clean shaven.

    “It’s nice!”

    1. Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs Of New York

    Bold, thick, brooding and curled at the ends, Daniel Day Lewis’ moustache in Gangs of New York remains one of the most epic sights in movie history.

    1. Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider

    Easy Rider was a pivotal film in the era of New Hollywood, helping to spark a period of liberated cinema that eschewed the trappings of censorship and explored taboo topics. But for all the plaudits and excitement this movie created, the best thing about it was probably Hopper’s humdinger of a moustache.

    1. Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind

    A ‘stash that’s a little more refined and neat than several others on this list, Clarke Gable showed off how a gentleman wears lip hair in this Hollywood classic from 1939.

    1. Charles Bronson in Death Wish

    Superbly simple yet astonishingly cool, Charles Bronson’s subtle facial hair in the action-packed Death Wish series is now as iconic as the movies themselves.

    If you’re looking to grow a moustache as sublime as the gentlemen above, you’ll need to get yourself the right styling kit to do it.

    Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax & Folding Pocket Moustache Comb available online at Henry Tibbs is a great place to start. This combination giftset is traditionally packaged and elegantly designed, oozing so much sophistication you might feel your lip hair begin to tingle from the moment you open the box. A variety of fragrances are available too, allowing you to pick a scent that suits your ‘stash. Glorious lip hair is just a few clicks away, gents.

    Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax & Folding Pocket Moustache Comb

  • How To Host The Ultimate Autumn Party

    Autumn PartyFireworks are in the air this week as the whole country engages in one of Britain’s oldest traditions – Guy Fawkes Night. Whilst this fond occasion is held on the 5th of the month, celebrations often occur during the week leading up to and after this date. For many Britons it’s a fun-filled occasion – one that can be appreciated by both adults and children alike.

    Many will head off to a bonfire party held at their local park, whereas others will simply set off their own fireworks in their back yard. Popular options yes, but why not make the most of the merry feeling that engulfs the country at the beginning of November and host your very own autumn party instead? It’s a perfect time of year to catch up with friends and family just before the busy run up to Christmas – all set against the beautiful backdrop of crisp surrounding seasonal scenery of crunchy leaves and fireworks.

    You may well have hosted your own party at this time of year before, but here's some tips from us to get things started.

    Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Any party – regardless of what time of year it may be – needs to snap, crackle and pop in order for it to be a success. You can achieve this in a very literal sense if you’re hosting a shindig in November by setting off a selection of fizzing fireworks in your backyard. Remember to go for a range of different types (rockets, fountains, mines, wheels).This will keep the party in the spirit of the monthly holiday (bonfire night) and give your guests something to remember you by.

    Sizzling Food

    It’s always tempting to serve up warm, winter broth when the weather turns chilly at this time of year, but in reality barbecuing up some piping-hot grilled food can actually be even more popular. Gather up some of the finest BBQ foods you can find in the days leading up to your gathering, and get grilling just before the first of your guests arrive – ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy chomping down on some delicious BBQ snacks whilst staring up at a sky full of fireworks?

    Belly-Warming Beverages

    A great party will always have a wide variety of drinks available, and you can make your gathering even more of a success by serving up beverages that fit the mood. During autumn, the weather is usually turning a little colder, and by offering your guests drinks that will warm their bellies you’ll be doing them a huge favour. You’ll always get your ardent beer drinkers so make sure you keep a fridge full of cold lagers, but go to the effort to serve “warmer” drinks too – whiskey, Irish coffees, hot chocolates, tequila and tea will do the trick.

    When it comes to serving up a selection of succulent food, you’ll need a high-quality BBQ grill to deliver the best possible results. The SAGAFORM COLLAPSIBLE CAMPFIRE GRILL is perfect for a party in your backyard, being easy to set up and cooking foods right through so they taste delicious.


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