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The difference between beard oil and beard balm

With the wide range of beard grooming products available, it can be overwhelming to figure out what each product is for. Perhaps you have found yourself stroking your beard, pondering the difference between beard oil and beard balm. Which is the right choice for your lush facial growth?

Beard oil: the ultimate nourishment

Beard oil is a blend of essential oils to nourish the hair and underlying skin. It makes your beard soft and luscious, and gives it a wonderful fragrance. Since it is an oil, it penetrates the skin easily, helping to reduce that annoying beard itch. If you suffer from beardruff, this is the product that you need.

If you have a short beard, beard oil should be your go-to beard grooming product. It will soften the hair and give it volume and sheen. Anecdotal stories claim the hypnotising fragrance of beard oil helps in luring mating partners, but this claim is up for questioning.

Beard balm: nourishing and taming the whiskers

Beard balm also has essential oils, but what makes it different is the presence of beeswax. The oils nourish the hair and skin, while the wax helps in controlling the unruliness. Generally, beard balm is meant for larger beards or growth of a few weeks onwards. However, you can still use it for shorter beards.

Beard balm helps nourish the hair and skin, provides your beard with an enviable fullness, and allows you to control and style the facial ruff. You can even use the balm as a moustache wax. It has a mild yet attractive scent.

When to choose beard balm over beard oil

Beard balm is for those days when you want to tame your facial hair growth. Its thick consistency coats individual hairs, making the beard look fuller and giving it lasting control. You can achieve this without any shine as beard balm has a matt finish – no one will know you have applied anything to your beard.

If you have a short beard, then beard oil is perfect for you. It is not meant to style or shape your beard. Remember that short facial hair is more manageable. The oil is designed to provide nourishment to the hair and improve its health while reducing the itchiness. On the other hand, longer facial hair requires controlling and taming. That is exactly what you can achieve with beard balm. The moment the hair on your face is more than four inches long, it is time to use beard balm and make your untameable whiskers neat and orderly.

As you can see, beard oil and beard balm have similarities but offer different results. The important thing is which product will help you achieve your desired result an keep your beard looking awesome. One of the best ways to achieve that neat and suave look is with The Brighton Beard Company Creampot Tom's Lime & Basil Beard Balm. It conditions, smoothens and softens your whiskers, while repairing and preventing split ends. Its soothing lime and basil fragrance is irresistible. Your partner will love the scent and symmetry that this beard balm gives your facial thatch.

The Brighton Beard Company Creampot Tom's Lime & Basil Beard Balm

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