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How to Stay Well-Groomed In 2016

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Looking good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is a challenge. There’s absolutely no getting around that fact. There is a dizzying array of grooming products out there on the market in the modern day, and if you’ve been left scratching your head at what you ought to be buying to keep yourself looking suave, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Discussed here are several key tips on how to stay well-groomed all year round. After reading this information and taking it on board, you’ll look back on 2016 in later life and come to the conclusion that this was the year where you really learned how to look your very best without breaking a sweat.

Find Your Fragrance

It may sound funny, but certain fragrances can suit you more than others. This is simply case of trying and testing, and whilst that might sound a bit of a chore, it really is worth it in the long run. Take note of the kind of compliments you get when you wear a particular type of aftershave or deodorant, and soon enough you’ll hone in on the scent that you were born to wear.

Understand Shaving

A lot of men don’t really understand shaving. Indeed, many believe that it’s simply a case of cutting away the hairs when they’re looking a little long – but there’s far more to it than that. This year, take a dive into the depths of high-quality shaving and arm yourself with the kind of kit that will offer you the kind of look you always wanted.

Some men look terrific with a bit of stubble, others look fine with a blossoming beard, and many look better when they’re completely clean-shaven. It’s simply a case of finding the right look for you and, more importantly, accepting that look when you find it. Don’t force the beard just because the actor who’s flavour of the month is wearing one. Experiment with styles by using superb shaving kits.

Another handy piece of advice to take on board with regards to your facial hair is to find an excellent local barber. The staff at this establishment will be able to provide you with all kinds of great advice on what look type of look suits you best.

Cleansing Routine

It’s not feminine to have a morning cleansing routine for your face. In fact, it’s enormously healthy and hugely beneficial in the long run. Get your hands on a sweet-smelling facial scrub and lather up every single morning to get rid of dead skin and eliminate problems that arise as a result of blocked pores. After just a few days, you’ll soon notice the difference in your appearance.

High-quality grooming is important, and one of the most essential elements of the styling process is shaving. The Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory 3 Piece Shaving Set available online at Henry Tibbs has everything you need for a perfect shave in 2016, including a Gillette Mach3 compatible razor, a Pure Badger shaving brush, and a gorgeous imitation ivory stand for you to hang them on. Give yourself a great shave every morning by getting your hands on this brilliant three piece shaving set from Henry Tibbs today.

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