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How to Wear Cologne

Czech & Speake No 88 Cologne Spray, 100mlThere are a wide variety of skills that every man ought to develop and master during the course of his adult life. How to shave. How to talk to potential mates. How to change a tyre. A few of these may vary depending on who you speak to or what society you find yourself in, but one particular trait that every male on God’s green earth really should learn is how to wear cologne.

Believe it or not, many men tend to agree that whizzing a bottle across the skin with an itchy trigger finger is the only way to go about applying a scented boost to your body. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Wearing cologne isn’t quite as simple as that. For an easy way to remember how to get the most from your cologne bottle, cast your mind to the “three T’s” – Tactics, Time and Type.


We know what you’re thinking: a few dashes of cologne on your neck ought to do the trick before you head on out the door for work, a night on the town, or a hot date. In truth, being a little more tactical about exactly where you spray your body can yield greater results and keep you smelling fresh in all the right places. For example, a light dab underneath each ear will work wonders in most cases – especially if you’re in a noisy environment and someone is leaning in to speak to you. Any other parts of the body that tend to get hot on a typical day are also other good places to apply cologne. Everyone is a little different, but for most men these locations are the neck, the wrists, the underarms and the chest.


Applying your cologne at the right time of the day is also another important step. Freshening up with a quick spray from time to time during the day might keep your scent topped up, but it’ll also mean that you drain your cologne bottle in next to no time. One of the very best times to apply cologne is immediately after a hot shower or after washing your face with warm water. This process opens up the pores, and spraying on cologne at this time will see the fragrance nestle deep within the skin and emanate from you all day long.


This can be a bit of a case of trial and error. The simple fact is that a certain type of cologne may suit you, but not necessarily someone else. Try a few different types out across the year and take note of which type gets you the most compliments. Remember that you’ll need stronger scents for the colder months, whereas lighter scents are much more appropriate in the warm, breezy air of spring and summer.

For a suave and sophisticated scented addition to your bathroom cabinet, check out the Czech & Speake No. 88 Cologne Spray available online at Henry Tibbs. Arriving in a 100ml bottle, this aromatic spray will give you a distinct and appealing scent that will linger long throughout the day.

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