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What Type Of Badger Brush Is Right For You?

Safety razor and shaving brush on a wooden backgroundIf shaving every morning feels like a bit of a painful, laborious chore, chances are you’re probably not doing it right. A real shave is rejuvenating, refreshing and somewhat motivating too – sending you out the door with a soft, clean, handsome look on your face with a smile to match. To experience a comfortable and enjoyable shave you need the right tools, and there’s no better place to begin than by slathering on your shaving cream with a high-quality badger hair brush. Badger hair shaving brushes have been around for decades, and the recent rise in desire for high-quality grooming has seen the return of their popularity. There are different grades to choose from, and we’ve outlined each of them for you so that you can decide which is best suited to your shaving routine.

Pure Badger

Pure Badger hair is a badger brush in its most simplistic form. Widely available and often the cheapest form of badger brush on the market, Pure Badger is a great choice for shavers who have decided to make the bold leap from electric to wet shave in an attempt for a more successful morning routine. It’s the best place to start before moving on to more expensive strands of badger brush hair in later years.

Best Badger

Best Badger brush hairs are plucked from thicker areas of the badger such as the animal’s belly, and represent a finer texture for a smoother sensation when pressed against the skin. Prices are typically a little more than that of a Pure Badger brush, and Best Badger is probably the ideal choice for those who want to get good value for a reasonable price.

Super Badger

Super Badger brushes are a terrific accompaniment for a high-quality shave. A real step up from Best Badger, these brushes have even smoother hairs attached which are typically plucked from the back of the badger. They require careful handling and are for the more experienced shaver – who will find themselves enormously overwhelmed with how good a shaving experience the brush can provide.

Silvertip Badger

Silvertip Badger brushes are the very best on the market, and are unsurprisingly the most expensive too. The hairs on these brushes come from the neck of the badger, and offer the user a sensation similar to silk being swept across the skin. If you’re looking for the best of the best and don’t mind digging deep into your pocket for it – Silvertip Badger brushes are the way to go.

If you believe a Super Badger Brush is the kind of shaving utensil you’re looking for, the Simpsons Chubby (CH2) Super Badger Brush available online at Henry Tibbs is the perfect choice. Simpsons is widely considered as one of the most highly respected shaving manufacturers in the world today, and the Chubby Super Badger is one of the most popular products they offer – providing every user with a luxury shaving experience.

Simpsons Chubby (CH2) Super Badger Brush

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