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The Hidden Gems of Europe: Places off the Tourist Trail You Need to Visit

Dotted World maps and globesEurope is a continent full of wonderful places. Many of these are widely known and frequently visited. Others are simply sitting there, waiting to be discovered by marvelling tourists from all over the world. Listed here are the hidden gems of Europe – places you never knew existed but need to tryto visit and some point during your lifetime. You won’t regret it.


A quaint, beautiful village situated in the municipality of Storfjord in Troms county in Scandanavia, Skibotn is one of Norway’s best kept secrets. An artic wonderland, this location is home to one of the most glorious sights you’re ever likely to see with your own two eyes – the magical Lingen Fjord.


The capital of Slovenia is a devastatingly under visited location, especially when you consider how marvellous it is to look at both during the day and long after the sun has gone down. Awarded The Green Capital of Europe for 2016, this city is fresh, peaceful and eye-poppingly beautiful, overflowing with terrific natural features including leafy banks, wide blue canals, and gorgeous buildings.


A cute little town situated in France, Beaune is considered to be the wine capital of the Burgundy region. Speckled with spectacular architecture and alluring shops, this area offers so much to tourists, especially if you enjoy the crisp, aromatic taste of a delicious fine wine.

Mount Srdj

Croatia is a country known for its party atmosphere to many British tourists, but natural sublime beauty can also be found within its regions. This no more true than the case of Mount Srdj. You can journey up to the top of this mountain by cable car, and drink in the sight of the mesmerising Adriatic Sea lurking below.


Nestled quietly in the northern regions of Malta. Mellieha offers guests a wide variety of terrific natural sights, all magnified by the fabulous Mediterranean weather that encapsulates the country for so many days a year. With the bright sandy beaches, mouth-watering natural produce and lush, green fertile walk trails, it’s a hidden gem of Europe that has something to offer for just about anyone who is lucky enough to stumble across it.

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