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Prime Minister's Beards

BeardsBritish politics is going through a bit of a turbulent time right now in the wake of the security concerns and continued economic challenges. The debates about how to handle the situation have been rife and animated, and whilst the seriousness and importance of these discussions is undeniable, taking the time to occasionally look at the more trivial, lighter side of governmental issues is a welcome breath of fresh air during a period such as this. What better aspect to examine than the history of beards sported by British political leaders?

Last week we did a short feature on the great beards that we’ve seen on the other side of the pond in politics. Now we thought it’d be nice to take a look at the finest sets of facial hair seen a little closer to home. Listed here are the best beards ever worn by Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

Benjamin Disraeli

For the first beard in the history of British leaders, we need to travel way, way back into the 1800’s. Benjamin Disraeli – a Jewish PM who took charge of the country on two separate occasions during the late 19th Century – is the man rumoured to have sported facial hair for the first time in office. His style was a noteworthy one, too – a thick tuft sprouting from his chin whilst the rest of his face stayed clean-shaven.

William Gladstone

Some might find it hard to get past William Gladstone’s face of stone when they peer at one of his portraits, but if you cast your eyes to his cheeks you’ll notice some incredible sideburns blossoming out. These mutton chops were in office between 1868 and 1894, with Gladstone holding the position of British PM on four separate occasions.

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury)

Whilst the likes of David Lloyd George and Harold Macmillan have both shown off spectacular moustaches during their stints in office, Lord Salisbury is the last PM to have sported a fully-grown beard as UK leader. And what a beard it was too – a great, big, bushy magnificent thing that you’d

never see on a PM candidate in the modern day.

Honorary Mention: Jeremy Corbyn

Like him or loathe him, the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to pull off a warm and fuzzy beard with aplomb is admirable. Although he’s no George Clooney, Corbyn continues to wear his distinguished silver facial hair with a sort of defiance. Jeremy is flying the flag for modern British beards in politics, and if he were to ever be given the prestigious post at Downing Street, he’d be the first fully-bearded British Prime Minister in over a hundred years. For this he deserves an honorary mention on this list at the very least. It doesn’t look as though Mr Cameron will be sporting one any time soon…

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